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High Salary From International Bank 2016

One of the common thoughts in the mind of the new MBA is – how will my typical work day span out ? What will I be doing for 8 hours a day , 40 hours a week if I were to make a career in Analytics?Analytics is a relatively ‘young’ area of work. It has evolved and expanded 100 fold in the last 10 years as more and more companies and their top managements have become convinced about the immense value it adds to decision making.


In this increasingly complex marketplace, where net and mobile technologies are adding into the conventional brick and mortar economy, and the life of data is becoming short (ie, data which is very old is not usable), analytics is becoming increasingly useful and moving from the fringes towards the mainstream w.r.t business decisions. This, of course, spells increased requirement for analytics talent. It also increases the responsibility of success and failure to correct and timely decisions made using analytics. In short, the analyst (used loosely to define the analytics fraternity) has many choices in the workplace and can decide which role to play in his career.


Individual Contributor – Subject matter expert (IC -SME) role: – As the name signifies, an Individual contributor works by himself and may not have a team reporting into him. He would typically be an expert on a particular subject/s or line of work (eg. web analytics and using it for marketing campaigns, modelling for Loss given default etc.). He may also be a specialist in some software – hadoop / SAS e- Miner etc. bni


He would work on projects across teams in an advisory role and would interact with the client as and when required. Exploring paths to improve a project would form a large part of his job. He will have to keep abreast with happenings in his area of specialisation in his industry as well as in other related industries.  A keen brain, exploratory nature and love of his work would be the hallmarks of an SME IC.

Team Manager Role: – A team manager would be spending equal parts of his day between client management, team handling and other organisational duties (budgeting, planning, recruitment, training etc.). His knowledge of analytics would be sound peppered with practical ways to execute projects, optimise outputs and ensure client satisfaction with the given resource constraints.


A typical ‘manager’, he will be juggling multiple deliverables and playing different roles in the day. A person in this role can rise up to become the CEO, COO etc. of an Analytics firm. He also have scope to move into consulting and have a practical idea of implementing the analytics output. The higher he rises, the less of hands-on analytics comes his way. His goals would include business acquisition targets. These roles are more plentiful than the IC- SME role discussed above.

Thus, as many pure BPOs move into analytics and become KPOs, the requirement for analytics talent will increase. In my view, analytics is a skill and people with any background, with a head for numbers and a conviction in the power of decision making by numbers, will find this to be a field after their own heart. It covers nearly all streams of work within an organisation – HR, Operations, Marketing, Sales, IT , Supply chain management, Logistics– and hence, the choice of the team that you decide to join for analytics can be aligned to your area of interest of specialisations and study.

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Consider Judge Artidjo dkk does not read Casation

Consider Judge Artidjo dkk does not read Casation

Artist Nadya Mulya, children of former Deputy Governor of the Bank Indonesia Monetary Management Budi Mulya foreign exchange and regrets the decision of a Tribunal Supreme Court judge who received the Cassation Prosecutor corruption eradication Commission. Nadya is convinced the Tribunal Judges Artidjo Alkostar chaired MA made the ruling without reading it first memory of Cassation.


"That makes me sure he doesn't read kasasinya memory is when additional information filed on 25 May. It's just two weeks ago, "said Nadya CCA building, Jakarta, Monday (13/4/2015). At that time, said Nadya, Tribunal judges for a trial of Cassation verdict has not yet been formed. He also doubt that within a short time, the Tribunal judges have read the entire file and issue a ruling accepting the Cassation Prosecutor KPK. (read: Penalty Diperberat So 15 years, power Law Budi Mulya Consider PK) "The Yes in no time semingguan more can read the file one more meter thick," said Nadya.


Budi Mulya diperberat penalty to 15 years in prison after plea of Cassation KPK received the Tribunal Judge MA. The verdict hearing on Wednesday (8/4/2015), with presiding judge Artidjo Alkostar and member Muhammad Askin and Ms. Lumme. On the basis of Cassation submitted JPU, granting approval determination granting Short-term Funding Facility (FPJP) to PT Bank Century Tbk by Budi Mulya was done with not good faith. (read: Corruptor with Highest Verdict by 2014, from N Deputy to Budi Mulya) "Violation of article 45 and the explanation of LAW Number 23 of 1999 on Bank Indonesia as amended by ACT No. 3 of 2004," an excerpt of Cassation. bank


BUDi is considered against the law because causing financial losses since the remittance of capital Participation (PMS) since November 24, 2008 until December 2013 amounting to the sum of Rp 8,012 trillion. "The amount of financial loss is a huge country in the middle of a lot of the people of Indonesia who live in poverty. The ethical consequences and yuridisnya, perbutan the defendant deserves to hit the criminal accordingly, "the sound of passages of Cassation. In addition, PT Bank Century Tbk defined as banks fail systemic impact submitted to Lps (LPS) on November 21, 2008. At that time, Budi Mulya BI Deputy Governor as agreed in the meeting of the Board of Governors of BI.